Within the framework of the permanent campaign SOLIDARIAN FUNDS IN DEFENSE OF LIFE, organizations, groups and individuals are invited to acquire and distribute this publication in one of its two versions, Spanish or English.

This Informative and Solidarity Notebook aims to share with the international community the mirrors of resistance and rebellion, the experience of struggle of Mexican indigenous peoples organized within the National Indigenous Congress and the Indigenous Governing Council. Such resistances, present in di erent regions of Mexico, are the clearest expression of the defense of the territory and the political, legal and cultural reconstitution of the indigenous peoples.

Indigenous struggles are against capitalist progress and accumulation. The indigenous peoples, organized in the National Indigenous Congress for more than two decades, resist the ravages of neoliberalism in Mexico: repression, dispossession, exploitation and contempt. However, the relevance of their struggle is international, since they face transnational corporations that have presence in all corners of the planet and pretend to take over the present and future of humanity. Therefore, the struggle of the National Indigenous Congress is for the defense of life, humankind, land and the environment.